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What if you could get a music marketing & business mentorship...


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The Music X Project is a unique experience with professional music makers in mind. From our yearly Music X Summit to our weekly Music X Connection Coaching Livestreams, we will help you create your own intelligent music ecosystem focused on developing your brand with focus on business & marketing. 
We'll help you thrive, regardless of:
  • The genre of music you make. Whether it's rap, pop, rock, indie,  RnB, country, reggaeton, bachata, death metal or anything in between.
  • ​The amount of fans you have on social media. You can start with ZERO fans.
  • The activity you're in. Doesn't matter if you're an artist, producer, engineer, manager or anything in between. 
  • What part of the world you're in. It doesn't matter if you're in a major city or a corner of the world no one knows. 
  • ​Your experience level. Whether its your first rodeo or you're on your way to serious musical profits.
  • You​r budget. Whether you're starting small or ready to do some damage.

Does this sound like you???😖

  • People close to me don't take me seriously. All I hear from people close to me is:  "you should get a real job".
  • ​My music recordings are OK but I can't get that BIG STUDIO SOUND I hear in my favorite recordings.
  • ​My mixing skills are good enough, but my stuff doesn't sound HUGE or CLEAN.
  • ​I don't know how to promote myself and/or make meaningful connections.
  • I suck at social media and I don't know how to start, let alone "build a team" which sounds extremely hard.
  • I don't have a website, and if I do, it doesn't do anything for me or make me any money. It's a pretty "art gallery".
  • I want to make real money from my music, but I don't know how to invest my money & grow my music career.

Don't you worry!

We understand your frustrations and we're here to help. Do remember that everyone (without exceptions) started from nothing...

🙌 We're here to help 🏆

Why should I listen?

The answer is simple : to grow in the music biz you need to surround yourself with people & companies with REAL EXPERIENCE & RESULTS!

Founder /CEO: The Noisematch Group

Alex J is an award winning record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist form Miami, FL. He graduated from the prestigious University of Miami with a bachelors in Studio Music & Jazz. In 2010 he founded Noisematch Studios in Miami, FL. He’s worked as a music producer for artists such as Sebastián Yatra (UMG), Latino (UMG Brasil) & MCG15 (GR6) while also being involved in the production and engineering of some of the world’s most influential records in his studio: "La música no se toca" by Alejandro Sanz (Latin Grammy award recipient), "En español" (Latin Grammy award nomination) by Natalie Cole & "Despacito" (RIAA 34x Diamond/Multiple Latin Grammy awards) by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee.
  • Finally understand where do you fit in the music industry landscape.
  • ​Get an AMAZING sound, whether you're at home or at a PRO studio. 
  • ​Create, promote & grow your music brand.
  • Stop missing out on income from your music. 
  • ​Build a sustainable ecosystem in professional music that pays the bills. 
  • Leverage social media to network, expand your music career and monetize your efforts. 
  • ​Take the next step of your career in regards to artist management.   

Here's what you'll get with the Music X Project:

Let's take a deeper look into each one...


Here's some of the topics we discussed during the Music X® Summit MMXX:

  • How to REALLY make money and create a sustainable career as an independent artist, musician, producer or engineer.
  • ​How to leverage social media to grow your music network of contacts and find placement/collaboration opportunities.📈 
  • Brand management: how to grow your brand as a music maker using current marketing vehicles.
  • ​Artist management: how to go about finding a manager and is it right for you?
  • Wait, I'm not collecting all of my royalties? Learn about all the income you're missing out on!
  • How to create a visual stamp with your music videos even if on a budget.🎥
  • How to turn your home studio into a professional studio.🎚 
  • How to become a professional mixing/mastering engineer (yes, even from your home). 🎙
  • ​How to find opportunities for your music in film & TV? 📺 📽
  • ​Are you a vocalist? Get insider secrets from the best in the world...
  • ​Do you want to pursue a career in LIVE SOUND?
  • ​& MUCH MORE.....

Your Music X Summit pass is future-proof!

You'll always have access to the digital replays of future renditions of the Music X Summit when you purchase the Standalone Summit Pass, or as long as you have a Music X Project Pass or a Music X Plus Pass membership.
Let's build your roadmap towards 
THE NEXT LEVEL of your professional career.
Let's build your roadmap towards 
THE NEXT LEVEL of your professional career.
We've handpicked some of the who's who of professional music: musicians, film directors, vocal & music producers, engineers, publishing specialists & media rockstars who joined us in a private conversation over 3 days to speak on their craft, their journey and how you can take actionable steps to take your professional career to the next level based on their experience and feedback.  

Here's what users have said about the Music X® Summit MMXX: 

  • Learning by doing with an open mind
    Rick Barker - Artist management consulting -Former manager of Taylor Swift   
  • The importance of a good critical listening space: from studio to home
    Horacio Malvicino - Studio Design Legend & integrations specialist 
  • How to build a sustainable career as an engineer in the modern landscape
    Matt Knobel - Engineering for Lenny Kravitz
  • Why you should always strive for excellence and how it can open doors
    David Frangioni - Engineering for Aerosmith & Owner of Modern Drummer Magazine
  • You don't have to move to Hollywood to obtain success as a filmmaker in music
    David Rousseau - CEO & Founder of Creative Seen + Video Director for Pitbull, MAGIC!, Lil Wayne & many more...
  • I'm ready to take on gigs... Now what?
    Camilo Velandia - Professional Touring/Studio Guitar Player for Julio Iglesias, Jon Secada, JLo and many more...
  • How finding a musical vision for others can be a career
    Sound Oracle - Sound Designer for Timbaland + CEO & Founder of
  • The art of being unique. 
    Vinnie Colaiuta - Professional Studio/Touring Drummer with Sting, Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock, Alejandro Sanz & many more...
  • Why studying and understanding different styles & genres of music is important for a producer
    Alex J
Day 2: 
  • The art of networking
    Michael Fomkin "The Connection King" - CEO of VIP ignite
  • Building on impact: creating a successful Non-profit in the music space
    Chad Bernstein - CEO/Founder of Guitars Over Guns
  • How understanding modern music publishing can unlock a long lasting career 
    Lamont Graves - Music Publishing Specialist - The Graves Sessions
  • How to get an amazing sound from your home studio
    Graham Cochrane CEO+Founder Of The Recording Revolution
  • Finding your voice as a performer within the musical landscape
    Kemuel Roig - Professional Pianist/Keyboardist with Al Di Meola, Arturo Sandoval & his own projects...
  • Creating digital systems to thrive as a producer
    Gabe Schillinger - CEO & Founder of Legionbeats and MIDI Money
  • Why understanding both music & marketing is an important asset in today's world
    Billy Inelus - CEO & Founder of Big Shot Beats
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you
    Keith Ross - Mixing Engineer for Jill Scott, Pitbull, Ricky Martin & many more...
  • Understanding your place in music & your big WHY
    Alex J
Day 3: 
  • Leveraging technology as a professional musician
    Steve Rucker - Drummer for The BeeGees/ Creator of Studio Music & Jazz Drum Studies at the University Of Miami
  • Behind the live console
    Dani Munoz - Live Sound Engineer for MAGIC!, Lykke Li, FloRida, Chromeo, Ricardo Arjona & many more... Founder of Phantom Center Audio
  • The evolution & future of music streaming technologies
    Ola Sars - CEO & Founder of
  • From Rock to Spearheading the Latin X Explosion:
    Fabio Acosta - Manager for J Balvin & Founder of Vibras Lab Artist Management
  • World class PR tactics for indie music projects
    Jared Shapiro - CEO & Founder TAG Agency Miami
  • Diversifying your income as a music producer or beatmaker
    Adrian "AnnoDomini" Boeckeler - CEO & Founder of AnnoDomini Nation &
  • How being overprepared can open up the biggest doors in your careerAntonio Sánchez - Composer & Professional Drummer for the Pat Metheny group, Oscar Nominee for his score for the movie "Birdman". 
  • Pushing your creative boundaries through the quest for expression
    Jordan Rudess - Keyboardist for Dream Theater & Liquid Tension Experiment
  • Understanding your instrument and conditioning
    Mama Jan - Pro Vocal Producer & Coach: Justin Bieber/Usher
  • How to thrive in music by looking outside the box
    Alex J
Recording Artist
Jimmy Douglass
Mixing Engineer
Cole Bennett
Music Video Director
Tosin Abasi
Guitarist |  Animals As Leaders
Award-winning Recording Artist | Mr. 305 Inc.
Amanda Palmer
Recording Artist | Crowdfunding Superstar
Paul Sidoti
Guitarist | Taylor Swift
Gabe Schillinger & Adrian "AnnodominiM" Boeckler
Music Production + Funnels | MIDI MONEY
Recording Artist | Tech Dev
Rudy mancuso
Influencer | Recording Artist
Corey Taylor
Frontman | Slipknot/Stone Sour
Gary Vee
Media Mogul | New York Times Best-selling author | Internet Personality
Award-winning music producer
Dave Thought
Award-winning mixing engineer
Justin Arcangel
Artist management | 5B Artists
Donald Passman
Music Attorney | Best-selling Author
DJ Premier
Award-winning music producer
Brian Schmidt
Award-winning Video Game Composer
Grace Lee
Head of Artist Relations (East) Youtube
Louis Bell
Award-winning lyricist & composer
Kenny Beats
Music Producer + Streamer
Herbie Hancock
Legendary Pianist/Composer/Producer
Paul Rosenberg
Attorney/Manager/CEO of Goliath Records
Jaycen Joshua
Award-winning mixing engineer
Chris Gehringer
Award-winning mastering engineer
Scooter Braun
Artist Management | CEO SB Projects
Boyce Avenue
Youtube Cover Sensation
Jacob Collier
Music Virtuoso & Multi-instrumentalist
Matt Heafy
Lead Vocals+Guitar+Streamer| Trivium
Pharrell Williams
Award-winning music producer & recording artist
Peter Cohen
Supervising Casting Producer at Fremantle Media US
Antonio Sánchez
Jazz Drummer / Award-winning film composer
Troy Carter
Talent management + CEO/Founder Atom Factory
Andrea Williams
Attorney - Neighboring Rights Especialist
Rob Light
Partner and managing director of CAA (Creative Artist Agency)
Graham Cochrane
CEO & Founder - Recording Revolution
Steve Stoute
Founder and CEO of UnitedMasters and Translation.
Rick Beato
Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Youtuber.
Celebrity Music Photographer
Alex J
Host + award-winning music producer/engineer/composer | CEO of the Noisematch Group
Estás buscando la página de Music X en Español???

FREE Weekly Coaching Livestreams!

Join our Music X Connection FREE Coaching Livestreams with Alex J,  every Wednesday at 12 noon EST. During the Music X Connection you'll get weekly coaching from Alex and a compendium of tools in order to craft your own personal roadmap towards professional success in music. The whole goal of our Music X Connection FREE Livestreams is that you gain perspective and clarity of how to carve your own path and a direct connection to practical concepts to truly develop your career, not information you find in an outdated textbook or that you can't get from traditional education vehicles.

This custom system is based on over a decade of hands-on experience, not empirical information; that not only has made Alex J. a music mogul and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue year after year but has transformed him and several people under his tutelage into rising stars of the music industry.

Here's some of the topics we'll cover inside the Music X Connection Livestreams: 

  • ​Music Publishing
  • ​Music Branding
  • Digital marketing strategies for music
  • ​Pre-save campaigns
  • ​Music Launch Sequences
  • ​Affiliate Marketing for Music
  • ​Alternative Revenue Streams
  • ​E-commerce for music brands
  • ​Networking & collaboration strategies
  • ​Social media strategies
  • ​Play-listing strategies
  • ​& much more!
📈 With the purchase of the Music X Project Pass ($7/month) or the Music X PLUS ($10/month) plans, you'll get access to ALL of the Music X Connection replays, notes, share funnels, web templates or any other assets produced during the Live-streams. 
Website Templates + Share funnels
if you purchase our Music X PLUS Pass, you'll additionally have the ability to :
➡️ Submit questions to be answered during the Music X Connection Livestreams or our monthly Q&A.
➡️ Submit your music for monthly feedback sessions.
➡️ FREE PROMO: Have the chance to be  featured in our “New Music” monthly e-mail blast (20k subs and counting).

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By purchasing the Music X Project Pass or Music X PLUS plans, you're eligible to participate in our monthly Music X giveaways of $1,000 cash and a mystery piece of gear!


We have a vibrant Facebook community where all of our users congregate and interact with each other. This is a great place to ask questions and expand your network. All of our Music X Connection calls will be Live Streamed directly to our private Facebook Group so make sure to request access to the group after your purchase. 
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  • Access to our private MUSIC X Facebook community. An incredible community of music professionals & people just like you on their journey to professional music success.
  • Only available for Music X® PLUS Pass holders: the ability to submit questions to be answered during our connection calls or our monthly Q&A session.
  • Only available for Music X® PLUS Pass holders: the ability to submit your music for our monthly Music Review session. 
  • Only available for Music X® PLUS Pass holders: the chance to be chosen & featured in our “New Music” monthly e-mail blast (20k subs and counting).


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  • Solid colors are 100% ring-spun cotton.
  • ​Heather grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
  • ​Fabric weight: 4.3 oz/yd² (146 g/m²)
  • ​Shoulder-to-shoulder taping.
  • ​Double-stitched sleeves and bottom hem
  • ​Made in the USA.

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  • 100% California fleece cotton
  • ​Matching polyester drawcord.
  • ​Raglan sleeves.
  • ​Front pouch pocket.

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